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10am - 10pm 7/Days A Week!

Bingo is February 21st at 7pm. The zoom link will be here  the day of. You will need your card number to get win.
See you there!

Thank you for a fantastic 2022! Stay lifted, Don't sleep, and Bee Kind in 2023 friends!

Order by 3:30pm for guaranteed same day delivery.
Your driver will text you between 4 and 6 with an eta between 5 and 11pm most days. We have routes. We go in order. We get to you as fast as possible.


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Lab Tested Marijuana Products and Accessories

Authentic Product Verification & Lab Testing Results


Greenlab Extracts provides marijuana related items & accessories and is not responsible for any individual's actions used in conjunction with our products. Containers are sold empty & unsealed. Any free marijuana gifts placed inside our containers are a private matter between you and your driver. We operate in compliance with all state recreational marijuana laws, and continue to set the industry standard in precision quality and safety. That being said, our empty containers & the free gifts you'll be partaking in are the bomb. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Celebrating Legalization & Reform

Greenlab Extracts was created by a group of like minded marijuana enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, who strive to give you the best products at the lowest prices possible. If you are not in anyway 100% satisfied - please reach out to us and we will make it so.

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Cannabis Made Simple