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  • What are the payment options?
    *Cash, Bitcoin, Monero, Cashapp, *Low income options for those struggling out there. Shoot us a msg. *We will also spot you something until payday if you are hurting & need something to smoke. $150 limit. Only for customers with 5+ orders with us. Shoot us a msg on the chatbox. *EVERYTHING IS C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery) We will never ask you to pay up-front, and watch out for any company in this industry that does!! You never pay us anything until its in your hands and you are happy and satisfied with your order. Your driver will present a QR code for you to scan for $Cashapp payments.
  • Why won't my driver gift me more than an Ounce a day?
    Laws fam, trust me they would if they could. Just bring a friend or friends over 21 with ID if you need more and they can grab the extra "packages" for you.
  • How do we get bulk options? Or more than 1oz a day?
    You having 4 adults over 21 at your house when we show up would be ideal! We will send 4 drivers, you have 4 receivers, (16oz total) and it's fast & easy. If you only have 1 adult, then we will deliver with 2-4 drivers everyday until the order is filled.
  • What is your return policy?
    If you are ever unsatisfied for any reason contact our customer service dept. and we will work with you and come to a reasonable solution. Your satisfaction and happiness is our main concern. If anything is short, or missing from your order, then we will send a driver out the next day to replace it, and usually with extras to for the inconvenience!! were very sorry about any short or messed up orders. it happens. we always make it right, no arguments!
  • Are the "free gifts" my driver gives me the same as what's on the label/container on this site?"
    Yes. That's between you and your driver, but there will never be any bait and switch for a lesser quality product. What you see and read on the label is exactly what you would receive as the gift. We make sure the pictures they give us are accurate.
  • Contact less pickup or delivery?
    Most definitely. We can send a driver to your mailbox or under the mat, stash in a bush LoL (cash on delivery available) or if you are picking up, we will send you a geo location of where we hide it, as close to your area as possible. (no COD available)
  • Delivery fee?
    Any order over $150 is free delivery ($151.00 for example) $25.00 delivery fee for every order under $151.00. You are also encouraged to tip your driver as that fee does not directly go to them. The further away you are or the longer it takes we will be forced to add an additional delivery fee of $25.00 (3 hours or more round trip) We have multiple drivers delivering daily.
  • Is this legal?
    January 1st, 2021 the decriminalization & possession of up to 6 ounces of marijuana and distribution of up to one ounce of marijuana takes effect. So yeah it's all good, but we sell empty containers here even though it is legal, just for added safety. What gifts you and your driver exchange for free, are between you and your driver. DO NOT OPEN YOUR CONTAINER UNTIL YOU GET HOME. ALWAYS STORE OPEN MARIJUANA IN A LOCKED TRUNK. NEVER SMOKE AND DRIVE, EVER!! Treat marijuana just like alcohol, if it's open put it in your trunk. Do not drive under the influence, if you do, we won't serve you and will blacklist your ass forever. By agreeing to purchase these empty, lab test labeled containers from us, you agree to not do any dumb shit that will hurt the marijuana community in any way. Be responsible, remember we are paving the way for the future here, lets not mess it up driving and smoking, and leaving our medicine laying around near kids and pets, and seniors.
  • Out of state shipping or delivery?
    No, not until the feds decriminalize it nation wide (probably by 2024). Until then we can deliver only within the state lines or you can come see us in NJ.
  • Are you hiring?
    If you're hungry, a go getter, friendly, and team oriented and have a vehicle or bike and a bunch of potential customers in your area then shoot us a msg (social media link to your profile a plus) and let's see what you got.
  • Do you deliver to my area?
    Yes we proudly deliver throughout the entire state of NJ. Just be within NJ state lines and get an order in before 3:30pm! :) If you live outside of NJ thats fine also, just be over 21 with ID and come visit us over here in NJ.
  • Is this CBD? Or some CBD variant?
    NO, our products are legit Cat-3 lab tested, pesticide free, Highest THC possible, top shelf, medical grade, frosty, THC dripping, Never tumbled, BETTER THAN THE DISPENSARY, to the moon and in the couch with munchies type product. Check the labels, what you see labeled is what your gonna get from your driver!
  • Why are your prices so much lower than other gifters in NJ?
    We produce our own products using our state of the art million dollar production facilities in MA and CA. These other guys are just middlemen paying middleman prices and have no choice but to overcharge.
  • Do you offer same day delivery?
    Yes, we do as long as you place your order by 3pm.
  • Is there a delivery fee?
    No, we just ask that you tip your driver.
  • Do you "Tumble" your marijuana like these NJ state Dispensaries do?!
    HELL NO, these dispensaries are dirtbags for that. We get so many customers who come to us, disgusted with them, and couldn't be happier they did! Not only do we NEVER tumble our flower, but our pre rolls are actual fire buds hand broke (not grinded) & hand rolled (not machine) for maximum potency and flavor. Also these dispensaries have a "CAP" on their available THC content, not us, we grow the most potent strains on the market & in the world! THC through the roof! DONT SLEEP!!
  • why did you give me a different strain?
    We ran out of the original strain you requested, or it was the bottom of the barrel and it was a lot of shake, and crap down at the bottom. we will usually try to mix and match multiple strains for you if we have to do this. The substitute replacement you will get, will always be equal or greater in value. If you do not like your substitute then simply send us a msg, and we will come grab it and refund you your money, or we will send something else. If this is an issue then.................................................. DO NOT FUCKING ORDER FROM US!!!
  • Why is the VIP section closed down still?
    We are trying to find a way to get you bulk pricing and still stay within state guidelines. Multiple drivers and multiple recipient's over 21 is one way, but its not efficient.
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