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**Luminate Premium Badder – A California Exclusive at Green Lab Extracts**

**Indulge in the Pinnacle of Purity and Flavor**

Experience the exceptional with Luminate Badder, a premium cannabis concentrate crafted exclusively in the heart of California. Utilizing a revolutionary live resin process, Luminate preserves the quintessence of cannabis. Each plant is frozen at the peak of its ripeness, ensuring every jar encapsulates the full spectrum of aromas and flavors.

**The Cold Extraction Difference**

Our cold extraction method is more than a process – it's a promise of purity. By processing plants at sub-zero temperatures, we guarantee to preserve every precious compound from the plant to the final product. This meticulous method captures the essence of cannabis in its most pristine form.

**Texture and Potency**

Luminate Badder is a testament to the versatility of cannabis concentrates. Ranging from a thick, sauce-like viscosity to a softer, crumble-like texture, our badder resembles the creaminess of frosting, offering both a visual and sensory delight. Its texture is a result of careful agitation during the CO2 extraction process, balancing potency with a smooth experience.

**Potent THC Levels**

Luminate Badder boasts a robust THC content ranging from 85% to 89%, making it an ideal choice for experienced users seeking a powerful effect.

**Cannabinoid Profile**

- **CBD:** Approx. 0.5% - 1%

- **CBN:** Approx. 1% - 2%

- **Other Cannabinoids:** Trace amounts of CBC, CBG, and terpenes, contributing to the entourage effect and enhancing the overall experience.

**Strains for Every Preference**

Choose your perfect match from our exclusive range of Luminate strains, each offering a unique profile to suit your taste:

- **Sativa Strains:** For an uplifting, energetic experience.

- **Indica Strains:** Ideal for relaxation and calm.

- **Hybrid Strains:** A balanced blend of Sativa and Indica traits.

**Packaging with Care**

- **Full Ounce Orders:** Receive your Luminate Badder in its original, factory-sealed jar, ensuring the integrity and freshness of the product.

- **Smaller Quantities:** For orders less than an ounce, we carefully repackage your selection into smaller jars, maintaining the highest quality and care.

**Exclusively at Green Lab Extracts**

Elevate your day with Luminate Badder, available only at Green Lab Extracts. And remember, with our same-day delivery service across New Jersey (for orders placed before 3:30 p.m.), premium indulgence is just a click away. Visit []( to order now.

**Green Lab Extracts – Delivering Excellence, One Jar/container at a Time.**

1g - Illuminate - Live Resin Cryo Extracts

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