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Store Policies 

Things You Need to Know

At, we’re dedicated to giving our customers a fair, rewarding and enjoyable shopping experience. Take a look at our store policies detailed below to learn more, and reach out today with any questions.

We have the right to turn down any sale for any reason. We welcome any customer over 21 from anywhere in the world - as long as you're in NJ. If your ID looks funny and fails the barcode scan it is not our problem and you will not be served, end of story. If you do not have a valid Drivers License you may use a passport, college ID, military ID, or state ID you would get from your local DMV. You must be 21 or over to purchase marijuana labeled containers and/or lab testing results. Containers are sold empty & unsealed.

Weed in NJ

If you’ve ever visited the Garden State, you know the extent of variety of all things compared to any other place. Whether it be food, clothes, artwork, bars, you name it, there’s no shortage of options.
So, when we’re talking about beloved marijuana, what is the best way to go about obtaining weed while in NJ?
Before getting into the nitty gritty of how to find weed in New Jersey, let’s discuss something to be noted prior to the search for it.

Is Weed Legal In NJ?

Marijuana is decriminalized in New Jersey.  While weed isn’t technically legal until sometime in late 2021 they are projecting now, possession was decriminalized as of January 21st, 2021 when a bill was passed to do so. Residents and tourists, alike, can publicly possess or smoke up to 6 ounces of weed, and distribute 1 ounce of weed  without criminal penalties.

The new law changed the possession of marijuana from a low-level misdemeanor to a criminal-violation. Thus meaning, police won’t arrest you but they can issue a summons that could potentially lead to fines like they do in NY until it is legalized later that year in 2021.

Penalties? Yes. On the low end for 1 ounce of pot or less, $50. And anywhere from 1 ounce to 6 ounces, a max of $200. again assuming its will copy NY laws.

While violations are not convictions, criminally, there’s consequences still. The fact that violations do show up on your record can shake some people.

Furthermore, if you are caught smoking weed in public and you don’t have identification on you, you could get pulled into the station and arrested. This means be careful where you smoke, and always have ID that proves you are 21 or older. Do not drive with opened weed bags in your car. keep it in your trunk if opened, treat marijuana just like alcohol.

For those that don’t mind a little scare tactic from a minor run-in with the law, for smoking in the wrong spot, not having ID, or just running into a dick cop, let’s move on to the important stuff!

The Dangers of NJ Weed Delivery

NY & NJ Weed Vans

There’s been a lot of buzz going on about the edible trucks and weed vans that you see driving around the streets of New York & New Jersey.Everything from the banners on these weed trucks to what they advertise online gives the impression that their products include THC.

Do not be fooled. The products sold by these weed trucks and vans do not contain any THC in the slightest. You will think you are about to get a good high from eating one of these edibles or sucking on one of the weed lollipops only to find out you will not get high.

If you spot these weed trucks in NYC, don’t be like the kids in neighborhoods running to get ice cream from the ice cream trucks. You will be severely overcharged for a lollipop or brownie. Just like buying designer bags off the streets of NYC you will not get a trustworthy product.

So, how does a tourist or local of NJ get a weed product they know they can trust?

How to find weed in NJ

Weed Delivery In NJ

For residents and tourists, weed delivery in NJ is a fan favorite. With all the hustle and bustle in the city, who doesn’t appreciate the idea of having weed brought to them in the comfort of their own home? Or safely driving to a meetup location.

Weed Delivery in New Jersey is very popular for tourists because pot will be delivered to your hotel room upon request. The process is easy once you’ve found a trusted source.

What makes a delivery service for marijuana in NJ trustworthy? The reputation they’ve built based on time efficiency and having the goods requested upon arrival. So how does a fellow weed smoker go about finding a trusted source, especially not being familiar with the city.

You shop here at Greenlabextracts420


With the decriminalization of marijuana in NY & NJ, and the future legalization in NJ, businesses have been around for quite some time. With that being said, weed entrepreneurs have gotten crafty with their business ventures. Just as anything else in America, new ways to obtain weed are being produced overnight.

St. 2018, c.34 , as amended by St.2016, c.351 . Codified as MGL c.94G. The Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act, Effective December 15, 2016, January 21st, 2021 in NJ, adults 21 and over may possess, gift, & use marijuana for recreational purposes. greenlabextracts420 provides marijuana accessories and is not responsible for any individual's actions used in conjunction with our products. Containers are sold empty & unsealed. We operate in compliance with all state recreational marijuana laws, and continue to set the industry standard in precision quality and safety.

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